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Having grown up in a small country community called Laingholm till the age of 12 was a blessing simply because as children we had access to everything at our finger tips and I don’t mean iPads etc.
Living next to the sea and surrounded by bush where Kauri trees grew behind our house, a small creek just across the road with freshwater crustaceans, we always had something to keep us occupied, bush walks where there was always something to eat, blackberries, banana passion fruit, the hearts of small Nikau palms where you would pull out the centre and eat the white very similar in taste to coconut and the creek water you could drink so being away from home most of the day was easy.
I would love for my grandchildren to spent holidays in that environment sadly society and its demands along with living in a world unfortunately where trustworthiness is rare, anyway more positive are my memories that I can share with them.
I have to say it was a time in my life that had some of my most golden moments and memories, even though they are almost 50 years ago, it’s great to be able to share.


My best friend my Tiki a loving almost human companion

These photos were in the 50’s note the milk in the letterbox behind Tiki – The Mara & Bunton families

One of those was the fondest ever it was man’s best friend, well my best friend my Tiki a loving almost human companion my folks said I even used to ride on his back when I was small. He would follow me everywhere and I suppose you could say he was like my guardian angel.
I don’t recall exactly how and when he died all I know was the heartbreak!
Over the years I have had several of man’s best friends even one called “Dog” in Tahiti, each time it always brought back memories of my beloved Tiki.


As we go through life we find love and affection in so many different ways and animals as we call them can have so much to offer us and the way we treat them is heart breaking to say the least. What is worse is the number of animals that risk to become extinct, our children and grandchildren need to grow up loving animals and hopefully they will stop what is happening! Enjoy any animals and pets you may have while you still can.

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